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Access all databases now through the Digital Library. Your Deep River Library card barcode is your key to accessing researchIT CT from home. If you do not have a card, apply for one today with proof of local residency.

If we do not own an item, you can send an online interlibrary loan request. When requesting an interlibrary loan from your home computer, keep in mind that when looking at the item you want, the number in the parenthesis at the end of the record, such as (2), means that there are two libraries in the state system that have that item. If there is only a (1) after the record, it means that there is only one library and the chances are we will not be able to get that item for you. It may be in the bindery, it may be in a special collection, or there may be rules at the lending library which go against lending the item. Also, if an item such as a new book is less than six months old, most libraries will not lend it. Therefore, it is best to pick an item that has more than two lenders.

The Loan Period is 28 days from the day the item was shipped to us.

In order to have as much time as possible with the borrowed item, prompt pick up after being notified is best. To renew an ILL, call the library and speak with the circulation desk.